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More than 300 People

We and we have people and an associate in Prague Czech Republic, respectively! Your people represent extremely varied interests in British Car. If it’s something related to England, wheels and a, we’ve possibly possessed it, restored it, find out about it, considered it, or lusted after it!

Every Possible Type Of British Car

Obviously we’ve plenty of people who own MGis – completely from the pre war M-Kind up through the T Series vehicles, in addition to the Wis of A Dis as well as a Magnette or. Likewise we’ve plenty of Triumphs – 8 and 1800/2000 TR 2,3,4,250,6,7, Spitfire Stag, Vitesse. We’ve a powerful contingent including Cortina, and Prefect Anglia, Zephyr Consul. A great health is also helping of Jaguar. When you have one of these simple marques there’s usually many individuals provide guidance or to give a palm. What about the prewar vehicles? We’ve Humber, and Rollsroyce, Bentleys Vauxhaul Austin. We also provide some not-so- British vehicles produced Jaguar, Bentley by Rollsroyce and Lotus. Therefore, what-ever your curiosity joining a membership is a superb method to appreciate your enthusiasm for English Vehicles – that you don’t actually have to own an automobile.


Should you possess an English Classic, Historical Status or Traditional automobile and therefore are thinking about joining our pleasant number of car fans, on normal course excursions, picnics. Click the link below to start the Membership Form and return it towards the tackle in the page’s base.

Your Costs

The yearly account is $45.00 and also a preliminary joining fee is $30.00.
Like a participant you’ll obtain a lapel badge personal brand badges, a fabric badge, windshield decal and normal membership e-Updates.

Enjoy your car excursion with us

Watch this Video to see what’s expected in our next trip to Europe!

Isn’t it pleasant having your personal chauffeur when you rent a car? A Chauffeur is a person working as a driver of a motor vehicle, mostly luxury cars like the large sedans and limousines.  A private car service will accompany you wherever you want to go. They are more often employees of a luxury vehicle owner originally, nowadays, they are servicing companies of car rentals  but there are also companies who just offer drivers or chauffeurs and not vehicle. Chauffeurs are those who you will meet by the time you arrive and they will escort you to the vehicle that you rented.

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Get Chauffeur for different occasions

There are Chauffeur for different occasions like meetings, corporate events, seminars, wedding, conferences, etc. these services for special occasions offer airport transfers, social events, evening and wedding service. The services offer transportation but it includes an executive way, style and luxury for the clients. These Chauffeurs are professionally trained drivers that gives you appropriate directions and can get you to where you are going.

Make travelling worth while

Travelling should be a very relaxing experience. You should somewhat be relaxed and entertained with your journey. However, there are different purposes on each and every travel be it like for business or leisure. When you go to other countries or regions like France, it will be perfect if you choose a limo service in Paris that can give you the convenience of travelling. This service may be best for airport transfers which gives you comfort and luxury wherein you will basically be serviced to and from the airport.Routes-in Europe

If you are getting married, you can also get a wedding car and a chauffeur for hire. A great looking luxury car makes a wedding extra memorable. The groom and the bride will feel more comfortable riding the awesome luxury car with chauffeur.

Advantages of Chauffeur Services:

  • Comfortable and easy – it can be very difficult to travel in a foreign land, another city or country. You may not be aware of the directions and the places that you want or need to go to. A chauffeur service will be a great option for you because there will be someone to get you around.
  • Stress free – when you travel with a chauffeur, you will find it less stress. If not none at all, as you don’t have to worry with the directions on where to go.
  • If you are running a business and you have clients to go around the area, it will be better to get them a chauffeur service so that they will also experience the comfort of traveling around without stress.
  • Professional look – travelling with the private car service will always seem professional and can give a great impression to others.
  • Feel secure – compared to other transportation services, chauffeur services prioritizes the security of their customers. You can be sure you will always be secured if you choose this service.

By getting Chauffeur services, you will definitely get the worth of your money and will also give you the experience of having a great time while you travel and you can definitely have no worries.

We have planned an excursion next December, please contact us or our Parisian car service partner through Weebly or Facebook.